Double 18″ Bass Reflex Active Subwoofer, 2200Wrms, 4400Wpeak

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    • Up to 137 dB Sound Pressure Level
    • 4400W Class-D Bi-Amplification
    • 30-120 Hz linear frequency response
    • 2 x 18″ High Power Woofers
    • IP Rated Powercon TRUE1 TOP IN/OUT
    • 8 Crossover Presets and 4 Cardioid Presets

    The SUB 8008-AS is a double 18” high power active subwoofer for live bands, DJs, Clubs, and Rental Companies. It employs a state-of-the-art transducer featuring a high-power ceramic magnetic circuit with a 4” voice coil. The power amplifier manages extreme currents up to 4400W delivering sound pressure levels up to 137 dB with exceptional headroom. The ultra-fast attack with accurate power handling is managed with high efficiency, producing a very low heat loss for silent and fan-less cooling. Built specifically for demanding live sound applications with deep, powerful bass response. Rear panel controls include 12 presets, crossover frequency, polarity switch, Deep/Punch selection, cardioid, and output delay settings. The tour-ready, rugged all-wood cabinet with scratch-resistant polyurea coating is easy to carry and secure for installation. With its rugged construction, sound quality, and high power, SUB 8008-AS is perfect in mid to big-sized venues and touring applications.

    Legendary subwoofers
    RCF subwoofers are the first choice of many sound engineers, thanks to the very high SPL levels at very low frequencies, small dimensions compared to the competitors, self-powered design, internal delay control, long-term reliability, cardioid configuration options, and impressive size/weight to SPL output ratio. Your crowd will be able to live an engaging immersive experience in both live sound or DJing applications.
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    Industry-Leading Subs
    Lightweight and powerful, RCF woofers are a reference in high performance. RCF Precision Transducers engineers have developed new specific magnet sizes and molds to optimize magnetic flux while maintaining a low weight. The 18″, 4.0″ voice coil magnetic circuit topology is capable of delivering the highest, balanced level of performance in three specific areas: maintenance of a consistent, high integrity magnetic flux gap, exceptionally low distortion and efficiently integrating the magnetic circuit in a minimum weight design. The T-pole design optimization generates the minimum amount of flux modulation in the magnetic assembly during typical voice coil movement within the gap.
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    Power that moves

    The most powerful amplifier in its class. RCF’s improvements in transducer design make them stronger and powerful, so the amplifier follows the evolution. With 4400W peak power, the 2-channel Class-D amplifier is able to manage extreme sound pressure levels with an ultra-fast attack, realistic transient response, and very low heat loss. So energy-efficient that there’s no need for a cooling fan – the amplifier is attached to a solid aluminum heat exchanger in the rear of the cabinet – with no moving parts. The stereo input circuit with crossover features a new low distortion design with an advanced safety limiter, maintaining the true character of the input signal at all levels. RCF amplifiers are designed according to EN62368-1 for maximum safety and present a Switch Mode Power Supply section joining high-efficiency with minimum weight.

    Tour-ready workhorse
    SUB 8008-AS is suitable for a wide range of live sound applications. The rugged all-plywood cabinet is easy to carry and two or more cabinets are stackable and light-weight, for easy set-up and tear down, thanks to the ergonomic handles with rubber grip on each side. Two M20 threaded pole mounts on the top and side allow the cabinet to be used in vertical or horizontal configurations. The heavy-duty polyurea coating, the powder-coated metal grille, and the rugged structure of the cabinet withstand long-term use and transportation. Separate housing for the amplifier guarantees component efficiency and reliability. An acoustically transparent sound foam backing on the inside of the grille ensures protection from dust and humidity. Due to the frontal vented ports, the subwoofer can also be used in recessed spaces.