EUROLITE Half Mirror Ball 20cm black motorized

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    Mirror half ball with motorThe black EUROLITE mirror halfball with stable plastic core is ideal for your party rooms, dance schools and clubs. It also fits perfectly into your shop window. With the right lighting you can achieve decorative lighting effects.The mirror halfball is designed for ceiling mounting and is driven by a motor with 2.5 rpm. You can find the matching mounting bracket incl. dowels in the package.The power connection is established via the supply line with earthing contact plug.The mirror halfballs are available in different colors and sizes.

    Mirror half ball with motor

    • Half ball with a stable plastic core
    • Ideal for ceiling mounting at low room heights
    • Robust mounting bracket for ceiling mounting with dowels
    • Exact alignment
    • Genuine glass mirror facets 10 x 10 mm
    • Integrated motor with 2.5 RPM
    • Supply cable with safety plug
    • Available in different sizes and colors
    • Suitable for party rooms, dance schools, clubs, bars, stages, shop windows, etc.
    • Controlling by plug and play
    Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
    Power consumption: 3,5 W
    IP classification: IP20
    Protection class: Class I
    Power connection: Fixed Power supply cord with safety plug
    Cable length: 0,9 m
    Rotation: 2,5 RPM
    Control: Plug and play
    Color: Black
    Dimensions: Height: 13 cm
    Diameter: Ø 20 cm
    Weight: 1,00 kg


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