EUROLITE Floor Cable Channel 75mm silver 4m

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    Floor cable duct Set consists of a duct base for cable attachment and a duct lid to be clipped to the base.With our electrical installation ducts, your electrical wires are well stowed.Easy installation: Depending on the surface you can simply screw or glue the duct to the ground, insert the cables and close the lid.

    Rugged floor cable channel

    • Made in Germany

    EUROLITE Floor cabel channel, bottom, 75mm, alu /m

    Rugged floor cable channel

    • Material: aluminum
    • Dimensions: W: 75 mm, H: 17 mm
    • Available lengths: 2000 mm or 4000 mm
    • Sections (for installing the cables): 4
    • Cable run: 4 x 11 mm ø (z. B. NYM 3 x 1,5 mm²)
    • Color: anodic silver
    • With slip-resistant surface on the cover
    • Wheelchairs can easily overcome the channel
    • Extreme stability
    • Easy installation
    • Low weight
    • For exhibition and shop installers, discotheque and theatre installations
    Number of cable ways: 4
    Color: Silver
    Dimensions: Length: 4 m
    Width: 7,5 cm
    Height: 1,7 cm
    Weight: 1,50 kg


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