EUROLITE DMX Power Splitter 4×4 3-pin XLR

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    The 4-fold splitter is designed for reliable distribution of DMX512 signals and operation voltage (max. 16 A). The unit features one DMX input and four DMX outputs with status indicators as well as a feed-through terminal for connection to an additional splitter. The mains connectors are designed as P-Con sockets. The splitter supports RDM for bidirectional communication over the DMX line and is suitable for mounting in an equipment rack.

    1 in/4 out power and DMX splitter with RDM support for rack mounting

    • 1 P-Con input to 4 outputs, max. 16 A
    • 1 DMX input to 4 outputs
    • 1 DMX feed-through output
    • Supports RDM
    • Switchable RDM filter mode
    • Switchable termination resistor
    • Input and outputs galvanically isolated
    • Each DMX output with independent driver and status indicator
    • Suitable power DMX combination cables available as accessories
    • Controlling by RDM
    • (19″) 48.3 cm rack installation 1 U
    Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption: 5 W
    Output current: Max. 4 x 4 A per channal
    Power connection: P-Con (blue), mounting version
    Power output: 4 x P-Con (gray), mounting version
    DMX input: 1 x 3-pin XLR (M)
    DMX output: 4 x 3-pin XLR (F)
    Control: RDM
    Housing design: (19″) 48.3 cm rack installation 1 U
    Dimensions: Width: 48,3 cm
    Depth: 13,8 cm
    Height: 4,3 cm
    Weight: 2,56 kg


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