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Large Soft Zeppelin

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    • system Soft-Zep series with permanently installed fur wind protection and pistol grip
    • length 360 mm
    • weight 400 gr.without cable
    • Soft-Zep is lightweight and robust and easy to apply with permanently installed and high quality fur wind protection around the open foam core and a comfortable rubber-coated handle with soft gel pads
    • the thread at the end of the handle allows mounting on the microphone rod
    • the handle is easy to remove as well as the microphone cable that goes through the handle
    • a special handle that has an XLR connector built in at its end
    • is also available as a separate accessory. Installation is easy
    • the microphone simply slips in from the back in the same way that the microphone slides into the windscreen
    • Soft-Zep housing features:
    • different models that fit virtually all rifle shotgun microphones
    • Neutrik XLR connectors
    • quick and easy microphone replacement
    • Easy to operate – no bayonets and impractical holders
    • for microphones: AT80


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