Mipro ACT-313-TC 620-644 MHz


1 x ACT-311B UHF Receiver, 1 x ACT-32TC rechargeable pocket transmitter, 1 x MP-80

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    Analogue One-Channel Diversity Receiver / Transmitter Set

    • 1 x ACT-311B receiver
    • 1 x ACT-32T bodypack transmitter or 1 x ACT-32TC rechargeable bodypack transmitter

    The innovative wireless microphone systems of the ACT-300 series are the result of many years of extensive experience in the design and manufacture of microphone and radio systems. The single-channel as well as the two-channel receiver come in a robust 1 / 2U EIA standard 19 “metal housing. With a backlit LCD display instead of a conventional LED variant, the ACT-311B and ACT-312B ensure greater user friendliness and a professional appearance. Thanks to the PLL-Synthesized technology, the radio systems convince with excellent RF stability between transmitter and receiver.The ACT-300 series combines professional properties, user-friendly operation and excellent quality at an affordable price.


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