EUROLITE WLF-2500 Water Low Fog PRO

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    Extremely powerful floor fogger in a case with ultrasonic technology

    • Creates enormous amounts of low lying fog
    • Environmentally friendly, cost-saving and easy to use
    • Designed for stage and theater productions, film sets as well as large clubs and discotheques
    • Uses distilled water and regular fog fluid
    • Does not require harmful CO2 or dry ice
    • The water is atomized by ultrasound and mixed with the fog particles
    • Ultrasonic atomizer can be switched off for standard fog machine operation
    • Solid flightcase with swivel wheels
    • 2 flexible fog hoses with quick connectors
    • Effective fluid shortage protection circuit
    • Spacious water and fluid tank
    • Operation via DMX or on-board LCD panel
    • Wireless remote control included
    • Continuous output possible
    • Adjustable timer with interval, duration and fog volume
    • Short warm-up time
    • Very low fluid consumption rate
    • Drain device for easy emptying and cleaning
    • Removable containers and water level indicator
    • For the best effect please use Eurolite DSA fog fluid
    • Output distance: Ca. 2,5 m
    • Can be operated in 1 CH mode
    • Controlling by DMX Wireless remote control Timer
    Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
    Power consumption: 2500 W
    IP classification: IP20
    Power connection: Mains input P-Con (blue), mounting version Power supply cord with safety plug (provided)
    Warm-up time: Ca. 3 min
    Output distance: Ca. 2,5 m
    Tank capacity: 1,8 l Smoke fluid
    18 l water
    Fluid consumption: Ca. 17 ml/min
    DMX channels: 1
    Control: DMX Wireless remote control Timer
    Housing color: Black
    Display type: Monochrome LCD display
    Carrier frequency: 433 MHz
    Color: Black
    Dimensions: Width: 61 cm
    Depth: 80 cm
    Height: 60 cm
    Weight: 55,05 kg
    EUROLITE WLF-2500 Water Low Fog PRO (machine with case)
    Weight: 50,30 kg
    EUROLITE WLF-2500 Water Low Fog PRO (Fog Hose and adapter)
    Weight: 4,75 kg


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