EUROLITE MCS-4248 Mobile Curtain Stand

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    Variable aluminum curtain stand 2.5 – 4.8 m

    • Ideal for stage construction for mobile DJs, events and theaters
    • Set of 2 x base plate, 2 x vertical bars and 1 x crossbar
    • Quick and easy assembly due to plug-in connections 
    • The vertical bars are simply put onto the base plates. Then lock in the telescopic crossbar and attach hush cloth to it with tethers and the stage background is set up.
    • Adjustable length 2.5 – 4.8 m
    • Adjustable height 2.5 – 4.2 m
    • Sturdy aluminum/steel design

    EUROLITE MCS-1/Q 2.5-4.2m

    Crossbar for MCS-4248 Mobile Curtain Stand

    EUROLITE MCS-1/H 2.5-4.2m

    Vertical bar for MCS-4248 Mobile Curtain Stand

    EUROLITE MCS-1/BP 45x45x5cm

    Base plate for MCS-4248 Mobile Curtain Stand

    Weight: 25,85 kg
    EUROLITE MCS-1/Q 2.5-4.2m
    Material: Aluminum
    Width: Maximum: 480 cm
    Minimum: 250 cm
    Weight: 2,35 kg
    EUROLITE MCS-1/H 2.5-4.2m
    Height: Maximum: 420 cm
    Minimum: 250 cm
    Material: Aluminum
    Weight: 4,05 kg
    EUROLITE MCS-1/BP 45x45x5cm
    Material: Steel
    Color: Black
    Dimensions: Length: 45 cm
    Width: 45 cm
    Weight: 7,70 kg