Presonus Rotor New!


Rotary speaker emulation plug-in with State Space modeled tube drive. VST3, AU or AAX format, 64-bit only

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    Take it for a spin.

    Rotor is a rotary speaker emulation plug-in that simulates the sound of a tube-powered amplifier with independently rotating high-mid horns and a bass woofer, magically recreating a sound synonymous with gospel and 70s-era rock. PreSonus’ Rotor plug-in excels at adding a sense of motion and unique tonal character to organ sounds, guitars, or anything you want to try. (Try it on vocals!) Each speaker’s rotation can be set to a range of speeds, with realistic braking and acceleration effects when changing speeds. State Space Modeling technology provides authentic tube emulation for extra warmth and character. A long-time favorite of Studio One users, Rotor is now available for use in other DAWs in VST3, AAX, and AU formats!


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