EUROLITE Cablebrigde 2 Channels 1000x250mm

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    This crossover, made of heavy rubber for maximum stability, was produced to save the things that lie beneath it. Technically speaking, it protects cables during an event. The elements are dimensioned for two cable ways can be connected without any problems. So even longer distances can be saved from nasty kicks. At this point we shall not forget to mention, that the danger to flounder over a cable is minimized as well.

    Rugged cable crossover with antislip yellow cover, maximum load 7.5 t

    • For protecting your cables during events
    • Signal colors (black/orange) for improved visability
    • Cable crossovers can easily be connected with each other
    • For 2 cable ways (width approx. 30 mm/22mm height)
    • Made of heavy rubber for maximum stability
    • Withstands a maximum load of 7.5 tons
    Maximum load: 7500 kg
    Number of cable ways: 2
    Color: Black/yellow
    Dimensions: Length: 1 m
    Width: 25 cm
    Height: 4 cm
    Weight: 6,30 kg


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