EUROLITE Audience Blinder 2xPAR-36 DMX sil

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    A real blind shell!To trust someone blindly shows a distinctive naivety, doesn’t it? In terms of our audience blinder it spoils nothing to say that this is indeed not the case, as it has numerous amenities which do vindicate absolute confidence. The most striking feature – beside its exceptionally quick and extremely bright light expansion – surely is its already installed dimmer, which does function manually via a dip switch. A clear advantage compared to many other Blinders, which have to have the dimmer attached as it is not integrated. The effect is designed for 4PAR-36 120V/650W lamps, and can be operated with two DMX-channels and mounted both on the ceiling as well as the traverse.

    Audience blinder for 2 PAR 36 120V/650W lamps (with dimmer)

    • Manual dimming via DIP switches
    • For 2 PAR 36 120V/650W lamps
    • Each lamp is individually connected to an internal lustre terminal, so that any lamp of your choice can easily be wired
    • Extreme and lightning-fast light displays
    • Rugged housing
    • Ceiling or trussing installation possible
    • Can be operated in 1 CH mode
    • The device is cooled by passive convection
    • Controlling by Stand-alone DMX
    Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
    Power consumption: 1170 W
    IP classification: IP20
    Protection class: Class I
    Power connection: Fixed Power supply cord with safety plug
    Base: Cable
    Lamp type: Halogen lamp
    Operating time: Max. 1 min.
    DMX channels: 1
    DMX input: 1 x 3-pin XLR (M) mounting version
    DMX output: 1 x 3-pin XLR (F) mounting version
    Cooling: Passive convection
    Control: Stand-alone DMX
    Housing color: Silver
    Dimensions: Width: 40 cm
    Depth: 18 cm
    Height: 24 cm
    Weight: 2,42 kg
    Legal specifications
    Special product: Not designed for household room illumination
    intended use: show effect lighting


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