Professional audio and video solution

Pipedrive got some unique solutions for events.

Installed audio solutions:

  • RCF sound system (Allhands hall)
  • Allen & Heath sound box and stage box (Allhands hall)
  • Mipro microphone systems (Allhands hall)
  • Extron Electronics digital matrix system (Allhands hall)
  • Apart Audio sound system (in the dining room, gym and sauna)

Installed video solutions:

    • AV Stumpfl Electric Projection Screens (Allhands Hall and Small Conference Room)
    • Christie Video Projector (Allhands Hall)
    • Panasonic Laser Projector (Small Conference Room)
    • Panasonic Robot Cameras (Allhands Hall)
    • Roland video mixer (Allhands hall)
    • Decimator video converters (Allhands hall)
    • Blackmagic video transmission system (Allhands hall)
    • Samsung LED screens (Allhands in the hall, in the dining hall, in force hall and sauna)

    Pipedrive building was completed in 2018