Haiba Community Center

In 2021, we installed additional equipment in Haiba Community Center to create better cinema experience for people. Previously installed equipment was not enough to…


Kiili Community Center

In 2019, we installed a lighting solution for the Kiili Community Center hall, which could be used for various events. The client’s request was in the area of the hall …


Rae Cultural Center

The client’s wish was to install white sound equipment on the wall, leaving as much floor space as possible. As various events take place in the hall (theater, cinema, concert), …


Tallinn National Library

In 2018, we installed a sound solution to the large hall, which would include sound amplification for an audience of about 300 people. This hall is mainly used for…


Jõgeva Basic School

We installed a complete sound equipment solution in the hall of Jõgeva Basic School. As a special solution, we developed a stage stair extension for subwoofers (made of glulam) to fit it …


Lucca Restaurant

It is always best to dine in the cozy restaurant with music playing to your ears in the background. To this end, we proposed a solution that would cover the large hall of the restaurant and the outdoor terrace …

  • SA Eesti Draamateater video projector set procurement (2017)
  • Renovation of the sound and lighting system of the Tondiraba Icehall (2016)
  • SA Eesti Kontsert public procurement of video projectors (2016)
  • Sale and installation of projectors of the Estonian National Opera (2016)
  • Sales and installation of video equipment in the City Council meeting room (2015)
  • Sale and installation of sound, light, video and stage technology of the Estonian Puppet Theater (2015)
  • Procurement and installation of Tartu Nooruse tn 9 study building equipment (2015)
  • Sales and installation of the video system of the Riigikogu Conference Center (2014)
  • Reconstruction of Kose teeninduskool into Kose Gymnasium Primary School, Kose Kindergarten Senior Group, Kose Library, Kose Cultural Center and Kose Open Youth Center Procurement of lighting, sound and video equipment (2013)
  • SA Rakvere Teatrimaja sale and installation of high intensity video projectors (2012)
  • Sale and installation of image reproduction equipment for the Estonian History Museum Maarjamäe Castle (2012)
  • Sale and installation of projectors for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2012)
  • Sale and installation of technical sound compartment of Tallinn Service School B-building (2012)
  • Procurement and installation of audio-video equipment within the project “Time Journey” (Reconstruction of Bastion Passages and Kiek in de Kök and installation of an exposition) (2009)
  • Purchase and installation of KUMU auditorium presentation equipment (2011)