Technical solutions

Technical solutions

Sound, light, video and stage equipment sales and technical solutions

Equipment sales

Sound, light, video and stage equipment sales and technical solutions


Development and consulting of an integrated technical solution based on the environment.


An experienced team ensures professional installation work and training in the use of equipment.

After-sales services

Technical know-how in solving possible problems and organizing after-sales services.

Our lasting success is based on the very idea to offer truly optimal systems for our clients in the range of light, sound, stage, studio and AV solutions. We have built strong relationships with our carriers over the years and industry leaders like Allen & Heath, RCF, PreSonus, Gravity etc are just some of the brands that see us as a perfect fit to carry out their products.

So what is Gearstation in its essence?

Gearstation has a focus on providing best possible value for sound, light, video, studio and stage equipment and technical solutions. We are eager to take on projects ranging from our clients need from full technical solution to consulting, training and just simple advice on what gear will do the job the best.

Our activity divides into three main categories:

1) e-commerce store and equipment sales
2) Gearstation technical solutions from design to finish.

3) Used equipment sales

Our E-commerce platform product variety and UIX is developed to help our B2B clients to shorten the process as much as possible.
This an everlasting chain of improvements to be made, but as a first stage we founded e-commerce store whereas we try to let our customers work out their need as easily as possible, but we are ready to step in and comment something when ever the client has a question. For that we have a team to respond and provide answers to different inquiries in our field.

Gearstation technical solutions – everything from idea, design to finish.
Depending on the current need of our clients, we are ready to offer custom designs for various situations and proportions. Our most common daily activity is technical solution design, where we work closely with our clients to get the best possible solution. We are here for you whether you need to pick out a new PA for your home or you have a complex idea and you are not sure how to make it work.

Our daily customers include commercial buildings, government agencies, conference rooms, concert and theater halls, shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs, private buildings, hobby and educational institutions, sound and photo studios, advertising environments and accommodation establishments. – We are all about green as well!

We aim to take care of the circulation of old and used equipment with the very idea to recycle it as much as possible.

For that we have built external website – where people can offer their used equipment to sell it so it would not pile up as a technical waste. We try and aim reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. Our B2B users can create their own custom store and start selling their stuff for other people who need the products.

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User-based benefits

We have implemented different benefits for each type of user.

Reliable supply chain network

For your faster service, we have established connections for each product from several partners.

Broad range of brands and products.

We constantly add and renew products and brands.

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